Our Story

Founded in 1986, our success over the years is attributed mainly to our continuous focus on producing fresh and authentic Indian foods. Yes we still do it by hand and even though our production processes have modernized, the human factor is what sets us apart from the competition.

Rinag produces a full line of products from our unique stuffed Naan breads to old favourites like Samosas and Pakoras.

Environmental commitment

From our production facility to our employees, to our suppliers, one of our core values is to keep it simple. Simplicity also means to minimize waste during the cooking and packaging process and to think of the environment from food concept to food consumption.

How awesome we are

When it comes to take out menu, we offer fresh and healthy options that is loved by all.

Fresh Menu

Fresh food cooked on order.


Choose anything you love to eat.

Customer Service

A good meal means a happy customer for us.

On-time Delivery

Our food is always hot when it reaches you.