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It is often said that India is the apex country for sights, smells and sounds. But it is the foods of India that embody the spirit of this great land and makes it truly unique. India produces 70% of the world’s spices and over the centuries has become a master at blending them into the culinary delights that have become famous the world over.

Ali tufan

Founded in 1986

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The role of a good cook ware in the preparation of a sumptuous meal cannot be over

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No added preservatives

Rinag prepares all its foods without the use of any added preservatives, MSGs , flavorings or chemicals to enhance flavor, taste or color.

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Nutritious with gluten sensitive options

The foods prepared by Rinag are nutritious, delicious, and wholesome. All our Naan breads as well as three types of Samosas are oven-baked. Rinag also makes gluten-free products such as vegetable pakoras, curries and biryanis.

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Rinag offers a variety of Naans, Samosas, Pakoras, Curries, Biryanis and Sauces that are ideal to feed small or large families quickly and conveniently. All items are fully prepared, packaged and easily stored in the refrigerator of the freezer. It only takes a few minutes to heat and serve our delicious meals for lunch, supper or a late night snack.

Unique and authentic

Rinag’s stuffed Naans and baked Samosas are unique in the market. Specially made for busy, health conscious people, these product are the original “pocket food”.

How awesome we are

When it comes to take out menu, we offer fresh and healthy options that is loved by all.

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Fresh food cooked on order.


Choose anything you love to eat.

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A good meal means a happy customer for us.

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Our food is always hot when it reaches you.