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All RINAG products are authentic and made without the use of any added preservatives, colouring or flavour enhancers.


Rinag makes a variety of traditional Indian Snack, called Samosa, which is made by filling a flour pastry shell, with the appropriate ingredients and normally fried. All Rinag Samosas are hand filled using the choicest of ingredients and then fried in Canola Oil or baked in oven. These can be heated in an oven/toaster, or a BBQ and served at any time of the day as a snack. For additional enjoyment consume Samosas with Rinag Sweet & Spicy Sauce.


A traditional Indian snack, Pakoras, (vegetable Fritters), is made using Besan (Gram Flour), Spinach, Potatoes, onions and spices. All the above ingredients mixed with water t form a batter which is scooped and fried in Canola Oil. Pakoras are excellent appetizers to be served at any time of the day or at parties, by heating in oven or BBQ, and serving with Rinag Sweet & Spicy Sauce.


Rinag prepares a variety of Curries, Vegetarians and Non-Vegetarian, using fresh ingredients, which can be served any time by heating in oven or microwave. The curries can be supplied packaged (300gm) or in bulk to suit the need of retailers.

(100% Vegan/Vegetarian, GLUTEN FREE)

A very unique Sauce, made using Tamarind, has been popular since its creation and made popular by all our customers who has tried it. It is made fresh in Ottawa and complements Rinag Samosas, Pakoras and many other snacks. It has been used by many Chefs as a marinade for cooking various meats as well.


Rinag prepares Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian Biryanis, using Basmati Rice, which can be consumed after heating in oven or microwave. These are totally GLUTEN free and can be consumed with yogurt or curries.


Rinag prepares Pulav using basmati rice, cooked in a broth prepared with Vegetables and various herbs/spices for flavouring. Rinag Pulao is Gluten free and also does not contain any dairy product.


Rinag supplies a variety of packaged meals (Rice & Chickpea, Rice & Butter Chicken and Rice & Beef), ideal for a lunch at the office/school. Microwave for 2 minute and a hot lunch is ready.

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