10 Jul

Join Rinag’s Food distribution network

Rinag Foods Products is actively expanding the food distribution network across North America. 

We are keen on strategic partnerships with clients who see the potential in the growing food industry. When looking for the best Indian food in Ottawa, Rinag Foods is one of the best brands.

We would be happy to collaborate with food brokers, distributors, grocery chains, specialty food stores, caterers, and those who are looking to venture into a great specialty food line. Rinag Foods was founded in 1986, our success over the years is attributed mainly to our continuous focus on producing fresh and authentic Indian foods. Despite having modernized production processes, even at current times, we prepare the food by hand because we feel the human factor is what sets us apart from the competition. We act partly as an Authentic Indian takeout Food hub, along with banquet and catering services in Ottawa.

We produce a full line of products from our unique stuffed Naan breads to old favourites like Samosas and Pakoras. We prepare gluten-free products such as vegetable pakoras, curries, and biryanis. From our production facility to our employees, to our suppliers, one of our core values is to keep it simple. 

Rinag prepares all its foods without the use of any added preservatives, MSGs, flavorings, or chemicals to enhance flavor, taste, or color. Simplicity also means to minimize waste during the cooking and packaging process and to think of the environment from food concept to food consumption.

We’ve achieved success over the years due to the fact that we focus on producing fresh and authentic Indian foods. We have one core value, which becomes the pivot of the entire management process. We like to keep things simple from food concept to food packaging.

We invite you to Become a Rinag Partner. For more information, visit our website www.rinag.com or call us at 613) 727-0702 or you can simply email your queries to admin@rinag.com.

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